About Bob

If you elect Bob Brunton to state public office, he will bring a rare, unique combination of private and public sector experience to bear on Sacramento politics. Bob Brunton is a small businessman of 30 years standing in this community who thinks we deserve better government than what we are getting: he wants to go to Sacramento to reform Sacramento.

Bob Brunton owns and runs the Fremont-based Telesis Sales Group, a successful electronics business. His lifelong private sector expertise includes the vastly different fields of finance, architecture, and electronics.  In the public sector, he served as an elected Trustee of Ohlone College in Fremont and Newark for 12 years. As an elected official in the field of education, whose own children attended the local public school system, Bob has a proven track record of setting high standards of accountability, financial control, and student success. He has been willing to take on the status quo bureaucracy and find solutions for unusually complex problems.

Bob came from a large family (five children), with a Mom and Dad who believed and practiced public service in a way geared toward making people's lives better. Bob's father was a highly-respected civil servant, having served consecutively as City Manager in two different cities, and he was an exemplar for Bob growing up as to what good and competent government is supposed to look like. Bob's mother, who started out as undergraduate Valedictorian at Cornell University, went on to earn her Ph.D. at Colorado State University, in decades past when this was relatively rare. As a family, the Bruntons were well ahead of their time, and, as a loving family, all of them were constantly involved in making the lives of the people in their community better.

Bob's parents, in addition to good government, believed in and encouraged entrepreneurship in their children, as a source of strength and self-sufficiency. The young Bob, spirited as he was, started out as an entrepreneurial young boy, delivering newspapers at the age of 10 and then taking on other odd-jobs on his own initiative throughout his teenage years. Upon graduating from college, he launched his first successful business, of which there were more to come, and started a family of his own, resulting in two daughters, now grown.

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