Why You Should Vote for Bob

We Can Make California the Best Again – And without raising taxes

This election is about the future of our district and California. For the 25th District there are two choices both with experience, both with a voting record and both with a very different way to make the best possible future.

Kansen Chu is the incumbent; Bob Brunton is his challenger. This section reviews how Kansen Chu and Bob Brunton have handled their private sector businesses, how they performed in their elected positions, and how they look at the future of our district and state.

This section is written by Bob Brunton. It is my goal to be open, clear and honest. I welcome yours and Kansen’s responses. The following comments are my own and come from personal experience. If some of the facts are wrong are need to be clarified I welcome the input.

You can learn about my background here.

Private Sector Experience

The incumbent immigrated to America and worked for a large electronics company. Bob Brunton was born in America and started an electronics company. The incumbent started an ethnic restaurant in San Jose.  During its time in operation the restaurant had several health and employee violations. Bob Brunton’s several businesses did not discriminate about race, religion or gender and did not have any violations.

Public Sector Experience

Some say the incumbent is a professional politician. He is considered by many as very partisan and is considered politically owned by labor and foreign special interests. Bob Brunton by contrast is a non-partisan public servant and has stayed an outsider with allegiance to you the citizens and taxpayers.  

How they performed in their Elected Positions

The incumbent wanted to be an elected official. He attended many camera ready events, changed his political affiliation and generally served with little change. He was considered a non-controversial vote that favored employee groups over the citizens and taxpayers of his district. Bob Brunton by contrast wanted to be an elected public servant. He attended many events of many different groups without fanfare to learn about their views and issues. As an Ohlone Trustee he was considered a very active trustee who put students and taxpayers interests as the top priorities. He was not against labor. But if work rules harmed students and taxpayers he looked for ways to update the rules to help students and to show respect for the taxpayer.

What are they doing now and how would Bob Brunton be different

As an Assemblyperson your main responsibilities are to represent and promote your district as well as to find ways to both improve the cities in the district and improve the State of California. The incumbent is not doing these responsibilities well. Bob Brunton will do this much better.

The incumbent is considered the worst verbal communicator in the State Assembly. The bills he has introduced are very weak, intrusive, and favor the foreign region he was born in.

Bob Brunton is an excellent verbal communicator.  He has taken the time to learn about the district and has bold plans on how to improve our district and state. He has a proven track record of being creative, fearless, and not corrupt.

To learn more, review the Issues page.

 Bob Brunton is the right vote for Assembly. Your comments are welcome.

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